Owen McGarry

Owen McGarry
Owen McGarry

Owen McGarry is a musician and DJ based out of Providence Rhode Island, and London England. He is a member of i am (noun), with Remy Steele, and Polar Bear, with Aaron Gundy. He releases music under his own name and as Machinery Of Nature.

Owen’s Soundcloud
i am (noun)’s Soundcloud

Owen contributed a remix to Christopher Knollmeyer's track Pianophant.

Owen remixed Radio Skotvoid’s track Dirty Clap for their release Take Me Home on Tiburoni Records.

Words is the first single by Owen's band i am (noun) with Remy Steele.

Return Of The Witch Doctor, by Owen McGarry

Owen McGarry’s new remix, violently birthed from the stems of RobotSexMusic’s spawn, will make forceful, tender love to your ear drums, first the right one, and then the other one.

Videojuego Paraíso es un álbum de música chip por Owen McGarry y A. Campbell Payne. Campbell y Owen fueron inspirados por los videojuegos, el verano, y Federico García Lorca, quien escribió la letra de Capricho.

Throbbin’ Da Banks, by Owen McGarry

Machinery Of Nature, by Owen McGarry


Owen’s 2011 Minitour Mixes

Stop Saying Words Then Don’t Stop Stopping Saying Them

i am (noun) Live at Sophie’s Basement, New Year’s Eve 2011

Polar Bear and The Big Trucks live at Sophie’s Basement, New Years Eve 2011

i am (noun) at the Toy Company, Montreal, October 2011.

i am (noun) at the DC Chip Flipout, June 2011.

i am (noun) live at Sophie’s Basement, June 2011.

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