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Leaftype writeup in Portals Reblog on Tumblr
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Faith at Portals just posted a nice piece about Leaftype:

Like his fellow Belgian Man compatriots, the LA-based artist Leaftype, a.k.a. Christopher Knollmeyer, is no stranger to the practice of “extravagant genre hopping,” and his newest release LTEP0008 shows just how nimbly he can jump. On “Ooh,” the producer keeps one foot rooted in the skittering traditions of drum and bass, while reaching, through heady melodic involutions and a structure that disorients like a dream, for something enticingly unfamiliar. The result is at once propulsive and paralyzing, a sensation akin to the pleasurable discomfort of pins and needles.

Thanks, Faith!

Check out the article over at Portals.

Belgian Man Records

Belgian Man Records is a collective of artists that began in lovely, historic Concord, MA, but is currently based in Chicago, IL.

We record music, film videos, make art, and play shows.

All of our music is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc license, which means you’re free to share, remix, and re-use it non-commercially, provided you give attribution to the artist. If you’d like to use Belgian Man music commercially, email Andrew.

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Sounds Good BB <3 Reblog on Tumblr

For really real, my attractive and urbane listener. Me and my best friend Alex Meiers were walking along Paris minding our own biz one day when handsome gargoyles on the facade of Notre Dame, or maybe urban falcons–it’s hard to say, arched gracefully overhead and dropped the ableton files for Sounds Good BB <3carefully into our hands. That’s exactly what happened.

Influenced by Brainfeeder and Soulection stuff, T!be, Dorian Concept, French House, experimental hip hop, sound art, etc. (also with a background in multi-instrumental musical theory); you can’t describe Nice Power because it’s from the future l0l. But you can hear it and it will make you happy! Damn, whp$hhhh!

We would love you to listen!

Much love,

Sam Balfus and Alex Meiers AKA Nice Power <3

Chicago, Los Angeles, and Paris

Since Sixteen

Since Sixteen is a collection of songs that I’ve written and rewritten over the past five years of my life. It is a record about the search for security, home, friends, a stable relationship, and a better mental state. These songs have been the closest thing I’ve ever kept to a journal, the lyrics come from mantras that continually ran through my head as I've been growing and trying to find my place in the world. I'd like to think that I have things figured out, but I'm sure that I'll look back at these years and realize that I was wrong about everything.

When I was sixteen, I was in a band. By the end of my freshman year of college, all of my peers and I were making music on a laptop. As we’ve been exploring the electronic music realm, I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to the music of my past, on long walks and secret drives listening to old mixtapes filled with Death Cab and Brand New songs. I've been trying to find a way to marry the two styles in some form and bring the songs I've been writing on various pianos and guitars to life.

This album couldn't have been made without everyone in my life, and I want to extend a special thanks to Ailey for singing on †rain†racks//ceme†eries, Since Sixteen, and Hopscotch, and also to Marina for singing on Let It Die. I also want to thank Luc Lacerte for his amazing work mastering the record, Paul Puiia for artwork, Jasper Boyd for engineering the vocals, everyone at Belgian Man Records, and all my friends and family for supporting and putting up with me.

Fenn Macon
Zoinknoise Mix Delta
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"We’ve Done This Before," by WAX MONSTERS.

Video by Will Roane

From the debut self-titled album by Wax Monsters, coming out THIS FRIDAY

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All music is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc license.

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